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My Rapallo

Rapallo for kids

Rapallo has a special care for children of every age. Come to visit our equipped park for their fun!

Rapallo by bike

Between the green of the forests and the blue of the sea, there are many cycle routes to discover the secret corners of the city and its surroundings.

Rapallo to walk

Experts or mere walkers? Rapallo has itineraries of all difficulties. Breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable days are waiting for you!

Rapallo in celebration

The July Festivals are the soul of Rapallo. Every hamlet and parish has its own festive day: discover the events!

Rapallo of taste

Pesto, focaccia, pansoti, farinata, fillings, anchovies… and to finish, sweet cubeletti. All that remains is to taste everything!

Rapallo to read

Pound, Hemingway, Mistral, Ortese, Nietzche, Freud and Montale… Many writers and philosophers have stayed in Rapallo!

Rapallo by the sea

Welcome to our big, big blue! Sea, beaches and coves. And then the diving centres and boat service, for a unique experience!

Rapallo to be discovered

Rapallo has an ancient soul, from the Middle Ages to the belle époque, from the Ancient Castle to the Temple of Music, a city waiting to be discovered!

Rapallo of Sestieri

San Michele, Seglio, Borzoli, Cerisola, Cappelletta and Costaguta are the names of Rapallo’s Sestieri. Of ancient origin, they guard a centuries-old tradition.

Rapallo of spirit

Rapallo has a deep relationship with faith. The Sanctuary of Montallegro, the basilicas, the oratories, bear witness to the spirituality of the city.

Rapallo of sport

There is no shortage of opportunities for sport at all ages! Kayaking, sup, sailing but also golf, minigolf, horse riding, tennis and much more!

Rapallo of traditions

From beautiful Christs to nativity scenes, from the story of Bartolomeo Maggiocco to the tradition of lace-making. There are many traditions in Rapallo, between the sacred and the profane!