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San Michele di Pagana

An ancient seaside village in the city!

San Michele, easily reached by a short drive along the coast, lies on three tiny beaches: Prelo, Trelo (Travello) and Pomaro. The bay is overlooked by cheerful, colourful houses, once inhabited by fishermen, coral-workers and lace-makers, while on the surrounding hills, surrounded by dense vegetation, the ancient villas of some noble Genoese families such as the Spinola and the Centurione can be seen.

Walking through the moving Parco della Rimembranza, you can reach the watchtower and the church of San Michele, which is a veritable treasure trove of works of art. One above all: Antoon Van Dyck’s Crucifixion.

Curiosity: Until 1957, trains also stopped at San Michele!

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