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Fons Gemina

An unusual two-mouth spring in a hamlet with a thousand years of history!

Starting from the church of San Martino di Noceto, go along a stretch of about 300 meters along Via della Fonte. Passing through small gardens and olive groves, you reach the Fons Gemina: a water source with two twin springs that gush out in front of each other. In the seventeenth century it was embellished with the majestic double staircase in dry stone and in the nineteenth century a gabled roof housing a niche was added .

The view of Rapallo from the back of the church of San Martino is breathtaking, while the beautiful square is ideal for a snack with your children!

Curiosity: According to some historians, in the sixth century, Noceto hosted the remains of the Milanese bishop Onorato, before they were moved to Milan.

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